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Patient Consultations
as of February 2015



Annual Report 2014



... got hope from the Angel hospital.

Kampong Cham is a farming community about 2 hours outside of Phnom Penh.  As a woman farmer, Nhaing Rorn, 53, lives in a small house with her two sons, both of which dropped out of school early to help with the work on the farm.

Last year, Rorn started to feel pain and felt a small mass in her breast.  She went to a local hospital where they recommended a lumpectomy that cost her family $750.  That cost all of the family’s life savings, required the sale of a field and also a loan from a private company- a tremendous stress for Rorn and her family. Rorn’s operation was completed and she was discharged home to recover with her family.

Unfortunately, in January 2015, everything changed; she began pain in her right breast again and the mass grew up day after day. She taken a lot of traditional medicines and bought medication from the pharmacy, but nothing helped.

One day, a neighbor visited and told her about Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE (SHCH), who a patient received free medical care there. She immediately came to SHCH with her husband by a shared taxi; a crowded minivan with many other people that is relatively inexpensive. Rorn was operated on again, this time in a position to avoid selling her land and incurring more debt. All of Rorn’s care was received free- the operation and medication.  Furthermore, she was treated well, with good advice and friendliness from our doctors. Now, she has new hope in life. 

“I used to hear this angel hospital can treat a hundred illnesses from my villagers but now I really trust SHCH. I will be thankful toSihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE forever.” Said Rorn. 

Spotlight on Staff
Employees of the Month for June 2014
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Team Award for December 2013
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Ms. Chum Peou Kagna,

CMC Charge Nurse, who has served the hospital for 10 years, is very patient, well-communicated, reliable, and well-behaved.

“I think that 10 years are very short for me to work in the hospital with good staff like all of you”.